Simple Tips for Packing Healthy Lunches Your Kids Will Love

Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

One of the biggest struggles with feeding your family healthier foods is knowing what to have your kids bring for lunches. These simple tips will help you think outside the box and give you some more ideas when it comes to healthy lunches that kids will love!

Instead of just giving them the generic sandwiches and chips each day, follow these tips to pack them healthy lunches each day without spending too much time and effort.

Use Bento Boxes For Different Lunch Components

An easy way to put your kids’ lunches together in a way that keeps them interesting and varied is by using Bento boxes. These lunch boxes have a lot of different compartments that let you put portion-size items together.

Instead of making a wrap and putting it in a typical lunch box, you can have a deconstructed wrap that your child can put together on their own. These boxes also work great when you want them to have different types of items together, such as nuts, fruit, veggies with dip, lean meat, and any other options they like.

Make Healthier PB&J Sandwiches

Just because your kid likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches doesn’t mean they can’t have a healthy meal. There are plenty of ways to make them healthier. To start with, use whole wheat or whole grain bread instead of regular white bread.

Choose a low-sugar version of jam or jelly instead of regular jarred jelly. For the peanut butter, go with a low-salt, natural version or make it completely on your own.

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

Include Leftovers in the Lunch

You don’t have to give your kids traditional meal items like sandwiches, chips, and pudding. You can make them meals that don’t take very long by taking some of your leftovers and putting them together in the Bento box or regular lunch box.

Many kids enjoy their dinners so much that they are more than willing to have some of the same items for lunch. You don’t have to make it exactly the same either. For example, if you prepared steak the night before, cut it into strips and include it in their lunch box with whole-wheat tortillas and veggies so they can make their own fajitas for lunch.

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

Have Kids Help With Lunches

Just as you do with dinners during the week, it helps to have your kids help with their lunches. Let them choose different healthy components for their meals to simplify the entire process. They will give you more ideas and help put their lunch boxes together. You will also know they will enjoy their lunch and eat it all since they helped to put it together.

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