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100+ Chinese Girl Names Starting with K and Their Meanings

Chinese Girl Names Starting with K

Choosing a name for a baby girl is a cherished ritual that combines family heritage with personal taste. In Chinese culture, names not only identify a person but also convey wishes and hopes for the child’s future. For those intrigued by the beauty of Chinese girl names starting with the letter “K,” this article explores a diverse array of choices. These names, although less common in the Chinese lexicon, reflect a modern twist on traditional values, each carrying its unique meaning and aesthetic.

25 Cute Chinese Girl Names Starting with K

Cute Chinese Girl Names Starting with K

Cute names often evoke warmth and affection, making them perfect for a beloved newborn. Chinese girl names starting with “K” that fall into this category are charming, and often associated with nature, beauty, and grace. Below is a list of 25 cute Chinese girl names along with their meanings and Chinese characters.

NameMeaningChinese Name
KangliHealthy and beautiful康丽
KailiKind and beautiful凯丽
KangjuanHealthy and graceful康娟
KanniSweet and enduring堪妮
KanyuHealthy universe康宇
KefanKind and ordinary可凡
KejingAdmirable view可景
KemingPraising life可明
KeniHealthy second girl肯妮
KenliHealthy and pretty肯丽
KeyiSuitable and joyful可仪
KuaiQuick and cheerful
KuanliBroad beauty宽丽
KuifenWise and fragrant魁芬
KuolingBroad hill阔岭
KyanBeautiful color凯颜

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25 Popular Chinese Girl Names Starting with K

Popular Chinese Girl Names Starting with K

When it comes to popular names, they often reflect the cultural zeitgeist and can be found frequently in younger generations. Here are 25 popular Chinese girl names starting with “K,” which are favored for their modern sounds and meanings.

NameMeaningChinese Name
KaiwenHealthy and literate凯文
KailanOpen and graceful凯兰
KaiyuOpen universe凯宇
KangyiHealthy and righteous康义
KanqinSweet and diligent甘勤
KanyaHealthy and elegant堪雅
KeqinRespectful and diligent可勤
KeyuanHappy garden可园
KeyingHappy and flourishing可莹
KeyuScience and universe科宇
KuanhuaiGenerous and caring宽怀
KuiyingWise and flourishing魁颖
KumingWise and bright魁明
KuojiBroad and lucky阔吉
KuolinBroad and forested阔林
KuoyiBroad and suitable阔仪
KuozhiBroad and wise阔智
KwaiQuick and clever
KwanmingLight and strong冠明

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25 Pretty Chinese Girl Names Starting with K

Pretty Chinese Girl Names Starting with K

Pretty names often bear a delicate and graceful sound, enhancing the charm of a name. This section lists 25 pretty Chinese girl names that start with “K,” highlighting their delightful meanings and poetic characters.

NameMeaningChinese Name
KaixinHappy and new开心
KairongProsperous and harmonious开荣
KaiweiHappy and great开威
KanmeiSweet and beautiful甘美
KanniSweet and enduring堪妮
KechengCan achieve可成
KejuAdmire chrysanthemum可菊
KelinKind and gentle可琳
KemengAdmirable dream可梦
KerenKind and benevolent可仁
KeyueHappy and joyful可悦
KeyunHappy and harmonious可韵
KuimeiKind and beautiful魁美
KuiqinRespected and diligent魁勤
KuirongRespected and harmonious魁荣
KujinKind and diligent魁进
KulianBroad and graceful阔莲
KumengBroad dream阔梦
KuningEarthly beauty坤宁
KuwanBroad and gentle阔婉
KuweiBroad greatness阔伟
KwaiyingQuick and flourishing快盈
KwanlinStrong and beautiful冠琳

25 Beautiful Chinese Girl Names Starting with K

Beautiful Chinese Girl Names Starting with K

Beauty in names can be reflected through the resonance of their sounds and the depth of their meanings. This section showcases 25 Beautiful Chinese girl names beginning with “K,” each representing unique attributes and elegant connotations.

NameMeaningChinese Name
KailianOpen and lotus凯莲
KaimeiBeautiful eyebrows凯美
KaiqiOpen and auspicious凯琦
KaixuanOpen and bright凯瑄
KangchenHealthy and sincere康晨
KanlanSweet and orchid甘兰
KaoyanExam success考研
KehuiAdmirable wisdom可慧
KejinAdmirable gold可金
KeliBeautiful and happy可丽
KemingAdmirable brightness可明
KenaAble and graceful可娜
KeniHealthy and beautiful坤妮
KeyingHappy jade可莹
KeyuanHappy and far-reaching可远
KuanxiBroad and joyous宽喜
KuichenBroad and sincere阔晨
KuilanBroad and orchid阔兰
KuimeiBroad and beautiful阔美
KujingRespected and tranquil魁静
KulianBroad and lotus阔莲
KumiaoBroad and wonderful阔妙
KuxinBroad and new阔新


The Chinese girl names starting with “K” featured in this article offer a range of options that blend traditional significance with contemporary appeal. Whether you are drawn to cute, popular, pretty, or beautiful names, each choice carries a unique story and an embodiment of desirable qualities. As you select a name, consider how these meanings align with the aspirations you hold for your child’s future, ensuring that her name is not just a label, but a lifelong gift.

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